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About Us

DesigningEye was started when a Grandmother and her Granddaughter had an idea to make one the granddaughters old pair of shorts "new again". They had some great old doilies that they added to the shorts. When she wore the shorts to school her friends started asking her to make them some. It was suggested we try to sell the shorts on Etsy. Who knew this upcycled clothing would be so popular. We have came up with many new ideas some of which we custom make. My granddaughter, Haley, does all of the hand painting, bleaching, dying and much of the designing. I (Terry) do most of the sewing, shopping, listing and mailing. Designing Eye has been a wonderful opportunity for Hailey and I to work on projects together. We both love what we do. Recently, we have found some other products that we just love. Since this products do not meet the criteria for selling on Etsy, we decided to open up our own Web Site, DesigningEye.me, to sell these and future items.

Look around here....visit us on Etsy....enjoy yourself as much as we enjoy doing this!

Terry and Haley.